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TIP / WV DOH Projects

Ongoing Construction Projects

Each metropolitan planning organization (MPO) is required, under 49 U.S.C. 5303(j) , to develop a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)—a list of upcoming transportation projects—covering a period of at least four years.
The TIP is developed by collaboration between state and local transit organizations. The TIP includes capital and non-capital surface transportation projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and other transportation enhancements, Federal Lands Highway projects, and safety projects included in the State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The TIP also includes all regionally significant projects receiving FHWA or FTA funds, or for which FHWA or FTA approval is required, in addition to non-federally funded projects that are consistent with the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).
For the entire TIP Plan and Amendments, please visit Document >> Plans & Studies.   

The projects listed below are a part of the proposed October 2020 TIP Amendment to include the WVDOH state funded resurfacing projects in Monongalia County.


The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) held a virtual informational public meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 on the proposed project upgrades to 1.65 miles of Greenbag Road (CR 857), located southeast of the City of Morgantown in Monongalia County. This Project is being undertaken to reduce traffic congestion and address the lack of safe non-motorized connections through the corridor. 

Project details will be available on the WVDOH Website at:

Visit the WVDOH Website at for project information.
CO 857 Fairchance Road

CO 857 Fairchance Road

State Project Number S331857124300-Construction-Resurfacing 2”-2. 5 miles from Milepost 12.43 (In the vicinity of Morgan’s Run Road) to Pennsylvania State Line Total Cost $374,000



State Project Number S33159200100-Construction-DESIGN/BUILD ADA RAMPS-4.4 miles from milepost 0. Total Cost $954,000

​/BUILD ADA RAMPS-4.4 miles from milepost 0. Total Cost $954,000


State Project Number S3315500000:

Construction - DESIGN/BUILD ADA RAMPS-1.33 miles from milepost 0.

Total Cost $1,593,000



State Project Number S33110000000:

Construction - DESIGN/BUILD ADA RAMPS-2.4 miles from milepost 0.

Total Cost $783,000


WESTOVER BR - Engineering & Construction

WESTOVER BR - Engineering & Construction
Engineering - State Project Number S331791525200:

Engineering - REP PIERS, REPL DECK JOINTS-0.09 miles from milepost 152.53.
Total Cost $15,000

Construction - State Project Number S331791525200-Construction-REP PIERS, REPL DECK JOINTS-0.09 miles from milepost 152.53.
Total Cost $1,100,000

CO37 Pedlar Run-Hagans Road

CO37 Pedlar Run-Hagans Road
State Project Number S3313700000:

Construction-Resurfacing - 4.87 miles from US 19 to CR 37/10

Total Cost $1,407,538


WV 218 Daybrook Road

WV 218 Daybrook Road
State Project Number S33121800000:

Construction Resurfacing - 5.58 miles from Marion County Line to CR 25

Total Cost $880,000

Beechurst Avenue-8 th Street to Fayette Street

This project was initially programmed in 2015. Improvements to this corridor have been ongoing, dating back to 2002 and prior. This project has been designed, and the WVDOH is waiting on direction from local partners prior to letting the project out for construction in the upcoming year.

Greenbag Road Intersection Improvement and widening

This project was initially programmed in 2015. The first public presentation on the design of this project was held in April of 2019. WVDOH presented potential alternative designs to the public at a virtual meeting this fall. After the final design is selected, construction is to begin in 2023 as shown on the table.

I-79 Access Study

This project is from the MMMPOs Long Range Transportation Plan(LRTP) study, initially proposed as a RTP project in 2018. The MMMPO conducted a study of various alternatives, one was “selected” to move forward for WVDOH to review through a PIE study. The initial cost for the selected alternative was well in excess of $100 million. The WVDOH led consulting PIE study, the revised cost estimate exceeds $200 million. The complexity of the project requires that the environmental and design work for the project cannot be completed in time for the project to be funded by the RTP. The PIE feasibility study was funded by the RTP. It is currently programmed for project construction to be in whole or in part Federal funds beginning in 2025 or thereabouts.

Mileground-Airport Blvd. segment (Roundabout to Airport Boulevard)

This project was programmed in 2012, however the original Mileground  "expansion” has been a lengthier process. A portion of this project, the Easton Hill segment has been completed. Updates have been provided throughout the past several months on the development of this project. Currently, a conditional notice to proceed for this project has been issued. This has allowed utility relocation to begin. Several parcels are still in the process of being acquired by eminent domain.

Van Voorhis Road-WV 705 to West Run Road

This project was initially programmed in 2015, and was then moved to the Roads to Prosperity projects. It was “reprogrammed” in 2019 as a reprioritization of the Van Voorhis improvement area. Due to the fact that significant improvements did not occur as anticipated as part of a drainage project near the WV 705 intersection, this project was developed in lieu of a West Run to Bakers Ridge Road Project. West Run to Bakers Ridge is still a valid project however it is on hold (see additional comments below). A virtual public meeting to inform the public of the proposed improvement was held in August of 2021.  It is anticipated for construction to commence in 2021.

West Run Widening and Point Marion Road Intersection improvement

This project was first programmed in 2018, however this project has a long study history dating back to the “West Run Expressway” discussions of 20+ years ago. The design work for this project has been completed and right of way has been authorized. It is anticipated that this project will be let for construction the summer of 2021.

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